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Words :iconsuicidaljellyfish:Suicidaljellyfish 0 1
5 AM
So it’s five in the morning
Part of the world’s asleep but we’re awake
Oh, it’s not too early in the morning
Let’s stay awake for our sake.
Floating in our blissful trance
I’ll tell you what, I’ve got a plan
We’ll all stand around and pretend to dance
Some of us will never sleep again.
The cops came a few hours ago
But, don’t worry, they won’t bother us
It turns out, they were just too slow
We threw them off before they could cuss.
The party is winding down but we’re still up
Don’t touch the volume because I love the bass
Don’t mind that guy, he’s just drunk
Looks like he passed out on the grass.
We’re dancing and moving at the sound of the clock
I don’t care if we wake everyone in the city
Please, don’t try to make us stop
If you’re not up, then it’s you I pity.
It’s five in the morning and we’re moving our hips
The sun’s coming up and we’ll dance in the light
It’s f
:iconsuicidaljellyfish:Suicidaljellyfish 1 0
Mature content
Expedition Jarll :iconsuicidaljellyfish:Suicidaljellyfish 0 0
10-second bliss
Her marbled hair flowed through the water in a wave of grief.
Falling down beneath the waves, the fire of her heart all too brief.
Incidental emotions and well-placed machinery.
It was just too bad that she became scenery.
Too fast, they say.
She just went too fast today.
Along that dark road, it’s such a shame.
Now the newspapers proclaim her fame.

Her name was Catherine, and she isn’t just a number.
She’s one of many others. But not just another.
She’s important too, I knew her too.
She’s not just a number, not just a number.

Launched out of her seat and into the river.
What an odd way to be delivered.
We are born from water and we die back in it.
I always found that somewhat romantic.
How did she feel about all of this?
Perhaps she welcomed the final bliss.
Anyone who didn’t know her only saw this:
A 10-second story about death on route 66.
:iconsuicidaljellyfish:Suicidaljellyfish 3 5
I declare war.
I want a downpour,
a final crash.
I want an ending and to never look back.
I want sunshine, while it's raining;
thunderclouds that tremble insanely.
I want to destroy everything worth fighting for.
This is war.
This is war.
The sky cries tears of black
and I'll I see is their bloody backs.
I climb a hill of those I laid low,
only to find there's still more to go.
Rip and tear, pillage and plunder.
I refuse, for you, to ever surrender.
You think those shiny rifles will protect you?
Then have at me, mortal, as your fingers tremble.
This is war.
This is war.
I will win this conflict.
With nations in your court,
I'll make a mess of it.
Your spires, your walls will be laid low,
as I march, triumphantly, through your door.
I will take your children, I will take your time,
Destroy everything, leave nothing behind.
I want to execute, I want to annihilate,
but most of all, it's you who I will obliterate.
:iconsuicidaljellyfish:Suicidaljellyfish 3 5
Strawberry Swing
Swing, oh swing me on this dream,
This wonderful, fanciful, strawberry swing.
We'll fly and sometimes we'll sing,
All the while swinging, on our strawberry swing.
And when the sky darkens, and the clouds push over,
Here, we'll be dancing, around out strawberry swing.
While others run away from what they see,
I'll be with you, here, on this strawberry swing.
Though it not be sturdy,
Though it not be clean;
Here I will be, blissfully,
Swinging on our strawberry swing.
Maybe it's all the stickers they see,
Covering out strawberry swing,
Or, maybe it's the beautiful tree,
From which our swing swings,
That causes them to shy away from,
This wonderful, glorious dream.
Whatever, however,
I want you hear with me;
So we can kiss happily,
Swinging on our strawberry swing.
:iconsuicidaljellyfish:Suicidaljellyfish 2 0
Shows me sights I thought I'd never see.
Take a look around,
take a look around.
What do you hear?
Everything is dark, there is nothing for me.
Wait, what's that sound,
what's that sound?
There's something near.
Flash, flash, this bulb is black.
There it goes again, ending this dream.
Killing me again,
I can't stand the pain.
I'm not the one who's under attack.
Maybe it's you, or so it seems.
All part of the plan,
I'm not the one who's sane.
:iconsuicidaljellyfish:Suicidaljellyfish 2 0
Intresting dream..
That glass of water on the table.
No, not that one... that one.
Yes, that one is mine, the one they must have drugged.
Hand-cuffed to a seat in this unbearably hot room with these abominations of human kind, and they can't ever provide me with a little bit of clean water.
Serves me right.
I mean, of course I did it.
Killed those kids, I just had to.
You would too, right?
Of course you would, damn kids.
Just kept pushing my buttons, tossing that football over, asking me to throw it back.
Tearing up my grass with their stupid sports.
Making fun of me because I don't talk to the other residents.
Saying I was all alone because no one liked me.
Oh, they got what they diserved.
Ah, Jimmy.
Oh, ho-ho, he won't be running circles around me anymore, not while missing a leg.
And, Christina, how loud she was!
*arghh* I can still hear her screeching and yelling, but I dealt with that.
No one will ever hear her voice again, I should be getting praised.
But, no.
Here I am, in this room.
*sounds of ye
:iconsuicidaljellyfish:Suicidaljellyfish 3 2
The Dance
Rock the body,
Touch it softly.
Feel the rhythm, dance this fight.
We know the floor, we know the floor, it breaks down the doors, it breaks down the doors.
Flow with the more, swing to the chord.
Oh, don’t stop, there’s more.
Anything, anything, don’t give up this dance.
Dance with me, in this flighty stance.
A chance glance,
A noticed stop.
You stopped.
The dance, ended, the players leave the stage.
The curtains are drawn, the wife goes to bed.
The old man dies, the growing season ends.
It’s all so sad, really, if you look at it that way.
Dancing and dancing only to fall at the end.
Not what I planned,
Just not what I planned.
:iconsuicidaljellyfish:Suicidaljellyfish 2 2
The poet
".. Ow."
Tripping on the curb is an embarrasing occurance for anyone, but landing face-first, into a coagulated mess of slush and ice tips the bucket.
*slowly pushing himself up, he brushed off a majority of the slush and snow, then attempted to climb the deadly hill in front of him*
This can be said about the character of this fellow; he is upset.
Why he is upset, you may ask?  
Well, there are several reasons for this, one, which is offered to us by his little sister, is that he is ".. filled with bad-stuff, so it makes him cranky all the time, that, and no one loves him."
*giving up on trying to run up it, he decided to claw his way up the mountain, barely able to maintain a grip in the sub-zero ground*
*reaching the top of the hill, it allowed him to take in the clear view of the city on the other side, setting his heart a little at ease*
~plod, plod, plod, slip~
*After mis-judging his decent, he fell and started
:iconsuicidaljellyfish:Suicidaljellyfish 3 0
Soon Enough
Lastly, firstly,
Let me explain a few things.
                      Just because I'm here, and you're there
                      Does not mean that we're really here
                      Or, even that we're anywhere.
My existance, diminished after leaving everyone I knew,
I met few more people, who mean so much to me.
Is it normal to miss the times I had?
All the friends I had, all the people I cared for.
I miss them terribly sometimes.
*starts off slowly*
Across this endless sea,
this gulf of dreams,
this emptyness in me.
I feel you there,
I feel you there,
next to me.
My beautiful soul,
for you I adore,
now, even more.
The nights are cold, the days a
:iconsuicidaljellyfish:Suicidaljellyfish 3 15
Pretty bird, oh pretty bird, you fly,
Up, up, up into the clear blue sky.
I try,
        I try,
I try to reach so high,
From this ground so dreary and dry.
Yet still, here I lie,
As my head makes summersaults in the air.
Watching her frolick through twists and twirls,
Admiring her sun-bleached curls.
Right now, she encompases my entire world,
This gentle figure, who above me, swirls.
Without warning, she hurles, herself down to me.
Alas, I finally can see,
This prize that has fallen to me,
And, with happiness, and glee,
"I shall take her home with me!"
Excited, and full of vigor,
I transported her home, dismissing the sitter,
Upon my own bed, I sit with her,
With her smiling face, no trace of bitter.
And so, she stayed with me,
Just my love, and me.
My stary-eyed dreamer,
My dancing love.
:iconsuicidaljellyfish:Suicidaljellyfish 1 15
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